Desert Dwellers Flash Cards Display

A quick way to add color to your child’s room is to hang art or flash cards on their door or wall. My friend, Whitney, did this on her daughters closet using some ribbon and clothes pins.

It takes less than five minutes to cut the ribbon, tie a bow and add the flash cards. It’s nice that you don’t have to frame the artwork and you can easily change it when you want to.

If you’re using the Desert Dwellers Flash Cards pictured here, you can change up the letters every few days. Teachers might like to use this idea in school.

Desert Dwellers FLash Cards A-Z

I might also try this idea with the lovely holiday cards I have been receiving in the mail. Whitney has used this technique on her kitchen cupboards to hang various greeting cards throughout the year.

Toddlers playing with Desert Dwellers FLash Cards

Who knew decorating with the alphabet and animals could be so fun!

Please link to any other easy ways to decorate in the comments below. Thanks!

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