Having a career in Art was not something my teacher parents related to. Despite that, both of them have always supported my creative career. With less art classes in schools, parents should support their child’s artistic endeavors as much as possible. Here’s a few ways my parents supported my creativity.

Crayons everywhere! I find out now, that not only was this because I liked to draw, but this was my parents way of guaranteeing a peaceful dining experience. At a restaurant, they would tell me that the waiter/waitress would really love one of my drawings. I’d diligently work on the drawing on the back of the placement while waiting for the food and finish with a Julie signature. Maybe this was my first commission?

Coloring at Zin Burger
Here’s our son coloring at Zin Burger
Coloring atthe Coffeepot restaurant
More coloring at our favorite breakfast restaurant in Sedona, The Coffee Pot

Art supplies – My Dad would bring home colored construction paper and nice pencils to feed my creative desires. Having cool art supplies was like opening presents on Christmas! I still getting excited going to Sarnoff Art Supply store and picking out materials. If you need an awesome idea to keep them organized and in one place, my friend Courtney uses fishing tackle boxes for son’s art supplies.

You’re never too young or too old to express yourself with art!

A designated art area – Growing up, I had a little desk in my room where I sat and drew to my hearts content. If you don’t have a lot of room to have a desk – why not create one! My husband, Jon, came up with this idea for a desk in Syver’s closet. He drew up a design and bought the wood and made it! I was so proud. Syver has been able to use it since we was just learning to stand – now he sits at it with a little stool.

toddler desk in closet
My husband designed a desk to turn Syver’s closet into a creative studio.

I had a cute shower curtain hemmed to be the perfect length to cover up the storage for diapers and clothes above.

The fridge – A child’s first gallery experience. Although it’s hard to keep up with all of the art your kid might be creating – hanging a new piece on the fridge every week is a way to make them feel very proud of what they’re creating.

We hang some of his artwork on a magnetic white board above his desk.
We also hang some of his artwork on a magnetic white board above his desk.

Class at the local museum. As I got a bit older. I remember taking my first acrylic painting class at Roberson Museum in NY. I think I painted a landscape. It’s cool to think that 25 years later, I am back to focusing on acrylics!

Children's Museum of Phoenix art craft
Syver was very proud of the froggy he made at the Children’s Museum of Phoenix

From bringing home art supplies when I was little, to attending my Desert Dwellers show at Madaras Gallery in 2012 –  my parents are the foundation of my art career.

Were you encouraged as an artist?

How do you encourage your child’s creativity?

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