It feels so good to get messy with paint. Recently, my son and I created artwork with kid’s washable finger paint. Although we aren’t professional finger painters, we found an artist who is!

Fingerpainting with Julie Rustad

Syver painted with brushes and then after a bit, he got his hands messy. Here’s his painting called “Trees”. This one he mostly used brushes.

"Trees" by Syver

I had fun experimenting using only my fingers. I can’t remember the last time I finger painted.  It was fun to just make up something as I went. Here’s my quick painting, “Family”.

"Family" FIngerpainted by Julie Rustad

It was a fun way to spend time together and get messy. Using the washable paints made it super easy to clean up too.

Creating artwork like this made me curious to check other artists that finger paint. I stumbled across artist, Iris Scott. Holy cow — check out her phenomenal finger paintings on her website. She uses oils and her fingers. Look at this dog she painted!!

iris Scott Fingerpainting
“Shakin’ Off the Blues” by Iris Scott

After seeing her artwork, I have a new appreciation for finger painting. It’s not just for little kids — it’s for the kid inside all of us!

When was the last time you finger painted? Are you inspired to try it again?

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