Me and My Dad – 1970s style

This Father’s Day weekend, I want to share a special story about my Dad. Although we had our differences growing up — mainly left brain vs. right brain, he was always there for me when I needed it most.

Rewind back to 8th grade when I needed to pass a fitness test to try out to be on the Varsity tennis team. I had to do the usual tests, but the one I feared the most was the timed 2 mile run. Although I was quick on the tennis court, “long-distance” running was not my thing.

To prepare, my Dad gave me his watch and he told me that each lap needed to at a certain time. So a few weeks prior to the fitness test, I would run around my neighborhood with his watch.

The day of the fitness test I ate a wholesome breakfast and was ready to run. 1, 2, 3…I was off! I kept track of my time using my Dad’s watch. I thought, “I am doing great — right at the time I am supposed to have.” Little did I know that I was not giving myself any extra time to finish the race. I started getting tired and as I was about to start my last lap…my Dad ran out onto the track!

He told me that I need to run faster to pass the test. WHAT?!?! I had no idea that I might not finish in time! I was getting tired, so my Dad tried to get me motivated to run faster. He set a faster pace and I had to try to keep up!

So there we all were at Union-Endicott High School…the other athletes, their Mom’s cheering, and me and my Dad! I really wanted to stop running, but my Dad helped me think of other things. He even promised to finally buy the new bedspread that I had wanted! It was teal, magenta and black. (Totally 90s)

Thanks to my Dad, I finished the race and passed the test! We walked over to the tennis courts to let the Varsity Tennis Coach know that I would be trying out for the team. She said, “See you at practice tomorrow!” I was so excited.

Looking back to my high-school years, most of my best memories and best friends were from my tennis team. I have my Dad to thank for that!

1992 – I played 3rd doubles my first year on the varsity tennis team!

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