I am so happy I was able to donate a painting for Tucson Wildlife Center of their most awesome owl, Bubba! On Saturday Jan 17th the public will be able to bid on it at during their annual fundraiser, “One Wild Night”! Here’s an inside look into my process of painting this great-horned owl.

First, I visited Tucson Wildlife Center and took MANY photos. Then I used Photoshop to create the image I wanted to use as a reference photo!

great-horned owl photography by Julie Rustad
Original photo I took of Bubba at Tucson Wildlife Center.
photoshopping owl image to paint
I used Adobe Photoshop to put a different head on top of his body.
starting painting by artist Julie Rustad
Blank 20″x20″ canvas and by laptop with the photo.
owl head painting in progree by Julie Rustad
Using light washes of paint to sketch out his head.
Julie Rustad car artist helper
My cat sits on my lap while I paint!
Julie RUstad cats who like art
Now both my cats want to be involved!
painting of great-horned owl by artist Julie Rustad
Bubba the owl is looking more defined!
Julie RUstad donating painting to Tucso Wildlife CEnter
Joan Cass and Bubba from Tucson Wildlife Center, receiving painting donated by Julie Rustad.
bubba great-horned owl painting by Julie Rustad for Tucson Wildlife Center
Original Bubba painting by Julie Rustad.

I hope that Tucson Wildlife Center is able to raise lots of money for all the sweet animals like, Bubba. the great-horned owl.

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