Gambel's Quail - Painting by Julie OriginalsAlthough I wasn’t able to paint 26 Animal Paintings in 31 Days, I am happy to report that I’ve painted 17 southwest animals in the past three months! This week I painted a Quail – here’s how:

Gambel's Quail Step 1 - Painting by Julie Originals

STEP 1. Like my previous animal paintings, I use a wash of color across the canvas to begin. This green hue is one of the bright colors in the palette I have been using for this animal series. Then I sketch out the shape of the Gambel’s Quail and the stick it is resting on.

Gambel's Quail Step 2- Painting by Julie Originals

STEP 2: Time for COLOR! I add in blocks of paint with a medium size brush, based on the photo and what I feel. Here you can see some light blue, a brown red, and some warm yellow paint.

Gambel's Quail Step 3- Painting by Julie Originals

STEP 3: I use a smaller brush and add more detail to the background, quail and branch. Although I liked the direction the bird and branch had gone, I did not like the green background. There was a disconnect between the two and felt it was distracting. I decided to change it to something that worked better with the coloring of the Quail…

Gambel's Quail Step 4- Painting by Julie Originals

STEP 4: I pulled some of the various colors that were in the Quail to create the new and improved background. No longer bright green, the canvas is a mix of a purple, magenta and light and medium blue hues. What do you think?

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