You can never have too much activities when you travel with kids – right? So I bought some fun travel games at Mildred & Dildred Toy Store.

Educational desert animals flash cards are perfect travel games for kids
Pack these for a more enjoyable travel experience. Wikki Stix, Desert Dwellers Flash Cards and Travel Bingo.

Travel games for kids from left to right:

Wikki Stix – Bendable sticks are super fun to play with in the car! Syver was given a mini-pack of  these at a Scottsdale restaurant. There’s a ton of crafts you can make with them and they’re not messy – just fun!


desert animal flash cards travel games for kids on vacation
Desert Dwellers Flash Cards coloful images capture your child’s attention and the games are fun to play in the car!

Desert Dwellers Flash Cards – Colorful desert animals flash cards that easily fit back into the box. From Anna’s Hummingbird to Zebra-tailed lizard each card has fun facts on the back! The set includes Activity Ideas but there’s even more travel flash card games you can play with them.


Interstate Highway Bingo – Syver is obessed with signs and we are going to have fun playing travel bingo. I bought a few of these to mix it up. The owners who made them say, “Keeps kids occupied by interacting with the scenery “or as we call it – the video of life going on outside our van”!

Have fun and safe travels!

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