“As a former kindergarten teacher, I recommend these flash cards to all primary teachers.”

“They are full of interesting information and the beauty of each picture holds children’s attention. It is a joy to hold something in your hands that both child and adult can enjoy together.”  – Marlys

“These are so cool for kids. I love the designs!”

“Julie did such an amazing job painting these and the quality of the cards plus all the information you get about each animal is great.” – Jessica’s review on MomFuse

Addy Awards Desert Dwellers Flash Cards by Julie Rustad
Desert Dwellers Flash Cards – $20

“The perfect gift for Grandma & Grandpa to bring home!”

“Local Artist Julie Rustad has created a wonderful series of Sonoran Desert paintings. These wonderful Paintings just happen to be in the form of “Flash Cards”. Unique, Expressive, Colorful & Fun—this the perfect gift for Grandma & Grandpa to bring home to their grandkids! We are proud to have a local artist of Julie’s caliber producing retail  items that we can carry here at the Tucson Visitors Center—a great place to shop and support local art!”  – Anne Maxon, Tucson Visitors Center

“Both my children love these!”

My older one loves to take them out of the box and then carefully put them back in. My younger one loves to gnaw on them-they have withstood well!” – Mary

“Desert Dwellers Flash Cards can fit in your purse, diaper bag, or car.”

“When it comes to finding that one thing/learning tool you can use for so many learning experiences for your child, the Desert Dwellers Flash Cards becomes golden because it is only one thing you need to keep track of in your house.  In addition to that, they are also a tool that can develop meaning for your child in so many different areas. Think about it, these flash cards can fit in your purse, diaper bag, or car.  When the moment presents itself, take them out and do a quick lesson.”  – Learning Math With Mom

“We played a family game with the cards”

“Everybody closed their eyes and the person whose turn it was drew a card. This person hid the card and then acted out the animal on it. The group guessed what they were. It was so fun!”  – Arizona Families Review

“She enjoys the descriptive names, rather than [yawn] A is for Apple.”

“My 6 yr.old granddaughter (gifted, of course!)loves using the cards. In our cold Dakota environment, the animals are exotic. She especially enjoys the descriptive names, rather than [yawn] A is for Apple.”  – Marlaine

children learn with desert animals flash cards
Playing with Desert Dwellers Flash Cards.

“They instantly start playing with them!”

“I purchased two sets of flash cards for my nieces for Christmas. It was so much fun watching them open them up and instantly start playing with them! Thank you to Julie Originals for making me the “cool aunt” this year!”  – Susan

“A great gift for young and old!”

“We love looking through the flash cards and learning about our local dwellers! This is a great gift for young and old!” – Courtney

“I bought an extra set for my friend”

“I bought an extra set for my friend and her 2 year old opened them immediately and started going through them.”  – Billie